4v4 rules On field 5

One Coach from each team shall be allowed on the field during play. 

There are no referees, but we do have referees "in training". Coaches monitor the activity of the players.

Coaches and players shall be on one side of the field, parents and spectators on the other side of the field. No one is to be behind the goal end of the field.

Each team shall field 4 players (4v4) at a time. However, a team can play if only 3 players show up. Teams will play even sided (3v3) or the teams will allow each other to borrow players.

NO INTENTIONAL HEADING – intentional heading will result in an indirect free kick.

There will be no designated goalkeeper. All players should be involved in play. Players should not be inside the goal box area.

Kickoff shall be an indirect free kick. A player may not score on kickoff.

All balls out of play will result in a ‘new ball’ being put into play by one of the coaches. All fouls will result in an indirect free kick. All opponents must be 3 yards from the ball.

There will not be any penalty kicks. Infractions warranting a penalty kick will be awarded an indirect free kick at a spot approximately halfway between the center circle and the goal box.

Substitutions – Both teams may substitute, at the appropriate times, on either teams possession.

A regulation size 3 ball will be used.


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